Monday, June 21, 2010

Outstanding! 47 Ways to Make Your Organization Exceptional

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Outstanding!  47 Ways to Make Your Organization Exceptional        

by John G. Miller

Book Review by Richard L. Weaver II, Ph.D.

There are a number of reasons why this book merits the word: “outstanding.”  First, it is well written.  Second, it is full of engaging examples.  Third, the chapters are short, easy to read, and full of information.  Fourth, the information—although much of it is common sense—is worth the read, whether it is a review, a reminder, or just new motivation to change and grow.  Finally, fifth, Miller uses large doses of humor throughout the book that keeps the information entertaining and enjoyable.

Terry Schuman, a training manager from Denver, Colorado, writes this about the book: “John has a way of writing that encourages people who typically aren't too fond of business-type books to find the time to read his books. He's an expert at using real life experiences and stories to illustrate his various points and topics.”

Schuman continues his review at “Outstanding!, just like his other books, is an easy read but is filled with excellent educational material that benefits all levels of management- from executives to front-line supervisors. It has 47 short chapters that quickly get to the point and make you think. I found myself saying throughout the book, ‘I've had to deal with that’ or, ‘I can relate to this,' or, 'I wish I would have done that!’”

The reason I have quoted other reviewers is simple.  I am not in business, and I am not a trainer; thus, I don’t have the experience nor the perspective to judge this book.  But, I think it has wide application outside of business as well.  These are precisely the principles one should use in conducting his or her life.

Schuman continues his review: “John's also not afraid to tell it like it really is. How many other business books have you read with a chapter titled, ‘Fire Customers (If Necessary)!.’ Any of your associates who've ever had to deal with the ‘customer from hell’ will appreciate it. But it makes sense. As John writes, "...standing up for your people in the face of mistreatment by customers makes our staff feel truly valued.’”

Matthew Morine, from Castle Rock, Colorado, writes, “John Miller is an accomplished author and consultant in the business world. His previous book "QBQ" was an exceptional work on identifying empowerment thinking. He continues the linage of thought provoking and insightful works in this text. The book identifies the 47 ways to make an organization better. This book is packed with helpful information. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on the ever increasing literature in the business culture, one can buy this book for the best of the latest ideas. The book also highlights some of the latest and trendy "foolish" ideas that would never work. The author shows these ideas to be lacking. Instead of having to read all of the material out there searching for the best practices, the author has done this for you. This book will provide a framework for any church, club, or business. There is not a single wasted page. For a journey in the best ideas for an organization, pick up this title.”

Again, not having read any other books by John G. Miller, I leave it to Matthew Morine to provide that additional perspective.

This is an excellent book that has garnered exceptional reviews and, thus, is outstanding!!!! 


This book is available from Outstanding!  47 Ways to Make Your Organization Exceptional. 

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