Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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Thursday’s essay is the third and final one of three on “Teaching the Spark.” All three of these essays provide specific ways parents or teachers have for getting their children/students involved in education to such a degree that they begin to take responsibility for (become inherently interested in) their own learning. This essay focuses specifically on teachers, however, the role parents can play is mentioned. The essay is entitled, “Students who understand, set, and follow goals are empowered for life.”

Share your link. Have you written anything on goals? Are you a teacher who has created activities that support goal achievement? Do you know another teacher who has? Can you share some insights about any of your own (or their) experiences with goal setting, goal achievement, or rewarding goal activity? What would you like to tell people who want to get students involved in goal setting? Any personal information you would like to share with them? Share your link with us. We’ll post it and move traffic in your direction. And, a big “thank you,” in advance, from AndThenSomeWorks.com, for sharing your link.

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Thursday's And Then Some Essay preview:
Students who understand, set, and follow goals are empowered for life
by Richard L. Weaver II


I know that my personal success in life came from my ability to set and achieve realistic, positive goals. There is no doubt that goal setting has been essential to the success of students, statesmen, writers, artists, scientists, professionals, and achievers of all kinds, as Mountain points out in her essay. Students must come to know that their ability to understand, set, and use personal goals will lead to positive benefits for themselves, their families, neighbors, and the larger society. To begin this early in the educational system, will quickly show results as students tackle problems they want to solve, pursue passions burning inside, and invest themselves in purposes they believe in. To help them throughout their educational careers recognize and connect with their aspirations will be one of the greatest gifts teachers can bestow on them because these behaviors empower people for life.

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