Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And Then Some News

Thursday’s essay is called, “Some of my favorite jokes.” You know, it’s close to the middle of October, and it just seems to be the right time for some humor. There are many reasons for this essay: to revive the spirit, enliven everyday existence, spice up thoughts, brighten days, uplift hearts, buoy up feelings, invigorate souls, refresh outlooks, and stimulate funny bones. You realize, don’t you, that the best thing we can have up your sleeve is a funny bone?

But there is yet one more reason for this essay, and it is to tease you! The next book to be released by And Then Some Publishing (after Relationship Rules) will be called: LAUGH LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW: OVER 2,000 JOKES FROM THE INTERNET. This essay is but a tease. If you like jokes, you're going to love the book LAUGH, so be teased and enjoy it for the best is yet to come.

Share your link. Have you written anything about humor? Are you a person who has the ability to tell jokes? How important has humor been in your life? How or why? Can you share some insights about how to develop it, how important it is, or what happens when a sense of humor is lost? What would you like to tell people about the importance of humor? Share your link with us. We’ll post it and move traffic in your direction. And, a big “thank you,” in advance, from AndThenSomeWorks.com, for sharing your link.

Thursday's And Then Some Essay preview:
Some of my favorite jokes
by Richard L. Weaver II


Ellen Degeneres told this joke, and I like it simply because it shifts ground on you unexpectedly, and the surprise factor is wonderful: “Stuffed deer heads on walls are bad enough, but it’s worse when you see them wearing dark glasses, having streamers around their necks, and a hat on their antlers. Because then you know they were enjoying themselves at a party when they were shot.” Normally I don’t like “stupid” jokes, but the surprise factor outweighed its stupidity.

And Then Some Works - see you Thursday!!

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