Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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Thursday’s essay is called, “Credibility has a direct influence on public-speaking effectiveness.” This essay takes me back to my lectures in the basic speech-communication course I directed for many years. Why? Because, as you will read in the essay, I had to remind students that what they did (their behavior) in the first parts of the course would have a direct influence on the assessments they would receive later in the course. In this essay I discuss several important ways for developing it.

Share your link. Have you written anything about credibility? Are you a person who has had to develop his or her own credibility? What situations have you encountered in which credibility was an important factor? Can you share some insights about how to develop it, how important it is, or what happens when it is lost? How important has credibility been in your life? Why does it matter? What would you like to tell people about credibility? Share your link with us. We’ll post it and move traffic in your direction. And, a big “thank you,” in advance, from AndThenSomeWorks.com, for sharing your link.

Thursday's And Then Some Essay preview:
Credibility has a direct effect on public-speaking effectiveness
by Richard L. Weaver II


Trustworthiness relates to the relationship you have with your audience in any particular speech context. Do listeners think you are kind, safe, friendly, and pleasant? To build trust, self-disclose (for example, what are your private reasons for being interested in your topic?), compliment your audience, ask for trust, demonstrate an awareness of alternative positions, claim your prior commitment (for example, remind your audience of your prior actions), claim common ground with your audience (for example, demonstrate that your basic orientation is compatible with theirs), and look your listeners in the eye as you communicate with them.

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