Tuesday, October 26, 2010

S'Mores, Campfires, and Communication

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The leaves are changing colors, campfires are cooking up S'Mores, and friends to help keep you warm. It's Fall. The smells, sensations, and of course the gooey warmth of melted chocolate, marshmallows, with a graham cracker crust rushes memories of times well spent with friends. 

When sharing S'Mores with friends invariably quotes come up from famous and not so famous people. Some quotes you remember far into next week, the next month, and in the end become a staple of your conversations retold numerous times. It's that S'More and your friends that fire those memories and keep that time alive.

This is what SMOERs is all about. Quotes that inspire the mind. Find out what SMOERs stands for and delicious examples. Find your quote... find inspiration. SMOERs offers more... and then some!

Thursday's And Then Some Essay preview:

Thursday’s essay is called, "Communication competence builds on competence."  The most important reason that competent communication is important is because it has been proven to aid in gaining success in a wide range of social and occupational situations.  It is a process through which interpersonal impressions are shaped and satisfactory outcomes are derived from an interaction.  So, the real question becomes, how often do you offer others the impression you intend and derive the outcome you want?  In this essay, I will define the characteristics perceived to comprise competent communication.

Communication competence builds on competence

by Richard L. Weaver II


These five characteristics provide a fairly broad foundation; however, if you consider them overall goals to be achieved, you will find the important perception, listening, feedback, language, and nonverbal skills necessary for moving closer to achieving them on a regular basis.  The nice thing is that awareness of these five characteristics that can establish a solid and interpersonally competent foundation and as you gain more experience — especially positive, supportive, and rewarding results — you will have constructive, practical, and productive personal examples that you can use to build an even more competent future.  That is why it can be said that competence helps build greater competence.

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