Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two Baby Memory Books gets a Face-lift and Feedforward you Communication Preview

And Then Some Publishing News

We previously built a one page website for Special Delivery: A Baby Memory Scrapbook for Boys or Girls at BabyMemoriesBooks.com. That website was o.k. for the time being, but we knew it needed an upgrade. The upgrade is here! 

The new website features multiple pages with better explanations of the baby books. Now that the website presents you with a better idea of what the books are about stay tuned. We will be adding more videos and How-To articles from Lynne Hall and Anthony Weaver, plus links... And Then Some!

Visit the new BabyMemoriesBooks.com and see why both books make a great baby shower gift!

Thursday's And Then Some Essay preview:

Thursday’s essay is called, "Feedforward will improve the accuracy and quality of your communication."  We use feedforward prior to future messages.  It is the information sent before new messages are delivered.  They may help recipients predict, anticipate, understand, or prepare for forthcoming messages, but their point, clearly, is to set the stage for what might come next.  They don’t always appear at the beginning of a message sequence; they can occur at any time during an interaction.  The only prerequisite for feedforward messages is that they come before what may follow. 

Feedforward will improve the accuracy and quality of your communication

by Richard L. Weaver II


Like feedback, feedforward is something often taken for granted in our communication.  We just do not think about it often.  But, as demonstrated here, it is not only common, but it relates to a wide variety of situations; thus, the more we understand it, the better we will be able to control our use of it and get the results we desire in communication situations.  Understanding simply gives us better control.

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