Monday, August 12, 2013

Oceana: Our endangered oceans and what we can do to save them

By Ted Danson

Book review by Richard L. Weaver II, Ph.D.

This is an absolutely beautiful, well-written, well-constructed, and thoroughly researched book. You can purchase this book for the message. You can buy this book for the effective narrative. But, one of the outstanding reasons for having this book on your living room coffee table is for the pictures.

The message in this book is clarified throughout this book in sections labeled,

"What You Can Do." Danson includes specific ideas for taking action that are both reasonable and extensive.

There are highlighted sections on statistics, sections set aside on heros who have made significant contributions, sections that explain specific aspects of ocean effects, as well as sections that include conversations about certain ocean conditions such as "Overfishing."

There is so much information in this book: history and background, unique circumstances and stories, and insights and opinions. If you read this book, I guarantee you will come out a changed person. It cannot be helped. The argument that our oceans need to be saved is well presented and well argued. From reading this book, you will not only know what needs to be done to save the endangered oceans, "but," as Dansen says in the preface, "you’ll know how to do it, and you’ll be determined to turn what you know into action" (p. xv).

This book should be required reading in schools across the country; it should be put on all "must read" lists for concerned citizens; and it should be essential reading for all politicians at all levels (local, state, and national). It is simply outstanding.

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