Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Has anyone seen our Book Club? We need to learn how to fly

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Have you checked out the And Then Some Publishing Book Club? Every Monday we review books based on the And Then Some Philosophy: Give more, get more, want more from life. We've had reviews from our family of readers, however most of our reviews are written by Richard L. Weaver II. His analysis of each book will let you know if this is the book for you.

Thursday's And Then Some Essay preview:

Thursday’s essay is called, "Learning how to fly."  Why would my lessons in learning how to fly merit an essay?  Because, I feel, the requirements that go into learning how to fly are similar to those that signal when a little bird is ready to leave its nest — or, when a child is ready to leave home.  Not to fill the basic prerequisites is likely to create major problems if not disaster.

Learning how to fly
by Richard L. Weaver II


Learning how to fly — becoming independent — is much the same as learning how to fly.  Learn the fundamentals, gain as much experience as possible, then rely on yourself.  Many people say it requires a willingness to let go; however, I would contend that it requires use of all your resources.  Your instructor — just like your knowledge and experience — stay with you and, mentally, continue to provide suggestions and guidance.  You never “let go.”   If you have the commitment and the patience, you, too, can learn to fly.

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