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Who Wrote Shakespeare? Part 2 Release Date and Essay Preview - Is there an erosion of standards?

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We know so little about William Shakespeare that it has been said of what we know could  be written on a postcard. What does Shakespeare reveal about himself through his plays and sonnets?
  1. Asking first, When were the plays written?
  2. The writer had a broad expansive education.
  3. You couldn't write these plays without a profound knowledge of the law.
  4. The writer of the Shakespeare plays was a great traveler.
  5. These plays and sonnets were written by someone very familiar with court scenes and the ways of the aristocracy.
  6. The writing displayed extensive knowledge of the theater and that further developed his craftsmanship as a playwright.
  7. The writer had a deep understanding of human nature.
It's Stratfordians vs. Anti-Stratfordians! People who believe William Shakespeare wrote his own works versus those who say he didn't. Why ask if Shakespeare authored his own poems, sonnets, and plays? Anti-Stratfordians contend it couldn't be possible for a person to be born in Stratford, in the kind of atmosphere, environment, and at that time, could have possibly written the plays that are now credited to him.

Part 2 of the video Who Wrote William Shakespeare? by Edgar E. Willis is next Tuesday's News, August 24, 2010. Edgar has more videos on his website... check out How to Funny on Purpose at EdgarEWillis.com.

Thursday's And Then Some Essay preview:

Thursday’s essay is called, “Is there an erosion of standards?"  In reading a column in the Toledo Blade I was struck by the fact that the erosion of standards in America’s public high schools (which the column discussed) isn’t the only area where erosion is taking place.  It can be seen in higher education, language, manners, honesty, television, and sex as well as in many other areas.When there is an erosion of standards in manners, honesty, and sex, you would expect it to be reflected in the area of ethics as well.  Read this essay---which takes a very definite and strong position---and see if you agree. 

Is there an erosion of standards?
by Richard L. Weaver II

This essay has barely touched the surface of an enormous erosion of standards, but one fact is clear, such erosion undermines individual responsibility and civic values, harms individuals, generates a loss of public trust in the institutions of our society, and leaves everyone searching for guideposts—instructions on how to proceed when faced with complex emerging issues.

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