Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year and Essay Preview: If you want to change, you must be open-minded

Happy New Year!

We hope your New Year's was safe and lots of fun! In 2011 And Then Some Publishing will be releasing more videos through our ANTworkstudio YouTube channel. These videos will include "How-to Paint a Portrait," more interviews with Richard L. Weaver II about his books, and the introduction of eBooks to our repertoire. We expect 2011 to be a GREAT year!

Thursday's And Then Some Essay preview:
Thursday’s essay is called, "If you want to change, you must be open-minded." Open- mindedness requires that you be open to new findings and understandings, and you must be open to options, alternatives, and possible new choices.  It can be a great journey, but without a commitment from you, there’s likely to be no journey at all — just words on a page or ideas that travel in one ear and out the other — if, indeed, they get that far.      

If you want to change, you must be open-minded
by Richard L. Weaver II


For many people, it isn’t necessarily fear, doubt, and concern, it is that you either think you know everything you need to know, or you think there is no need or room for improvement.  Another possible problem is that you know that a change in your self-concept may require other changes, new behaviors, actions you cannot anticipate, and an unknown set of problems that you are just not ready or willing to take on.

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