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The life plan: How any man can achieve lasting health, great sex, and a stronger, leaner body

The life plan: How any man can achieve lasting health, great sex, and a stronger, leaner body
By Jeffry S. Life

Book review by Richard L. Weaver II

Why did I pick up this book?  I am in excellent health.  I don’t smoke or drink.  I eat clean, get plenty of rest, exercise frequently (and actively), and I maintain optimal hormone levels (according to results of tests and regular doctor visits).  People like myself—people who stay in good shape—are always looking for a new angle, a new approach, or a way to add something new to what they already do.  Rather than finding something new, Life simply reinforces (through his Life Plan) the kinds of things that healthy people must do to remain healthy.

Incidentally, he includes 9 pages of excellent references, and for those who need it, he has a Baseline Health Record that includes the “Important Tests to Maintain Optimal Health and Lower Disease Risk.”  If you are like I am and maintain your health by regular exercise, good nutrition, healthy habits, and regular monitoring and doctor’s visits, I think you’ll find that most of these tests are unnecessary as are the hormone supplements Life recommends.

If you are in poor health, however, it’s a different story: “By adhering to the diet and exercise programs, you are ensuring that not only will you lose weight and gain muscle mass, but you will improve your heart health.  If you follow the supplement program, you’ll find that your energy levels will return.  And if you carefully monitor your hormone levels, you’ll find that in no time at all, you’ll be looking and feeling younger” (p. 323).

I found the writing of the book excellent, the suggestions terrific, and the overall content  superb.  There is a lot of information in this book.  A lot!  His Life Plan Recipes (e.g., pp. 105-109) offer wonderful alternatives and ideas.

Also, I appreciated Life’s honesty.  For example, when he answered the question, “Do I Need Sports Drinks?” he said, “The truth is, there is nothing magical about any of these beverages.  They all contain carbohydrates, which have been clearly shown to be beneficial during exercise. . . . Research has show, however, that carbohydrate ingestion is beneficial only during prolonged exercise. . . . In fact, when we ingest carbohydrates during short-term exercise, it simply increases the calories we take in and inteferes with our efforts to get rid of body fat” (pp. 126-127).

I loved the personal examples Life includes.  For example, “My wife, Annie, has made dieting effortless for me.  She has come up with her own creation, and it has revolutionized my ability to stay on track with my nutrition program. . .” (p. 103).

I have to say that rather than simply a daily guide or a list of suggestions for diet and exercise, this is a reference work to which one can refer on an ongoing basis.  There is just too much here to digest and use without a plan of returning to the book over and over again.

I highly recommend this book for its direct, easy-to-read and understand approach, for Jeffry Life’s willingness to illustrate most of the exercises he recommends, for the numerous charts, for the personal, interesting examples (as well as the individual stories/testimonials distributed throughout the book), for the comprehensiveness of the coverage, and for the encouragement provided throughout for sticking to it, following through, creating realistic goals, and rewarding yourself for accomplishment.

It is true that any approach like this requires incredible willpower and self-discipline, but any change we want to make demands these same elements.  This is a book that is specific and to the point, so if you are looking for instructions along with motivation to get going, this is a great place to start.  I absolutely loved this book.  Five stars!

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