Tuesday, February 12, 2013

And Then Some News

by Richard L. Weaver II
- Handed off to Anthony Weaver

And Then Some Publishing, LLC has new changes in store. I'm making many updates to our whole system including, blogs, websites, social media, books, And Then Some!

When taking on a project of this magnitude you learn quickly this is much more than just writing. I don't code websites, create graphics, code eBooks, and on and on the list continues. I'm a writer.

I'm lucky because I have two sons who can help me fill in the blanks where I'm deficient. Anthony helped me start this company and created graphics, websites, paintings, lots of the coding... And Then Some! After some time off, he has rejoined And Then Some Publishing and has numerous changes in store for us.

Anthony... what are we changing and updating?

(Handed off to Anthony Weaver)

Thank you Dad and I can't tell you how great it is to be back with And Then Some Publishing. I'm very excited... more than very excited, I'm ecstatic!

Dad and I started a solid foundation and now we get to dive in making changes helping move the company forward. For you, our fans, we are working to streamline our social media, websites, books, etc. to make it easier to find the information you want.

Along the way I will be asking for advice to see what you think. Whether it's social media, upcoming eBooks, websites, etc. I want to make sure I don't make things more confusing.

I have already started making improvements and changes.

  1. Life... And Then Some will be the only blog. 
    • The daily posts have always been combined here and will continue
    • Currently there is a separate blog for each day of the week. This will be phased out.
    • The links for the other blogs are being removed from websites and social media. You can see this update in the top navigation of this blog.
  2. New YouTube Channel: ATSPpublishing
    • Previously released And Then Some Publishing videos through the ANTworkstudio YouTube channel are being transferred to the new channel.
  3. Facebook page updates: And Then Some Publishing
    • Adding videos, pictures and updating the page
Dad and I have been working on our first Kindle eBook making minor updates and changes to Public Speaking Rules! We've made substantial progress and even though the eBook is not expected until late Spring 2013 there's a chance it will land early. 

This is not even close to a complete list of changes and updates. You'll have to come back next week and check the news!

This week's Thursday essay by Dr. Weaver  is all about Relationship Shockers.

What are the variables that are likely to affect relationship compatibility and, thus, longevity? The factors are communication patterns, problem-solving tendencies, sexual compatibility, as well as environmental factors such as job loss, financial strain, infertility, and illness.

Find his book Relationship Rules at Amazon:

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