Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And Then Some News

by Anthony Weaver

I would be remiss if I did not mention the book, Exotic Destinations... And Then Some!: Stories of adventures from around the world which traces many of the traveling experiences of Richard L. Weaver II.  If you enjoy traveling or simply reading about the travels of others, you will love this book.

The first paragraph of Thursday's essay, Rio de Janeiro: A Private Tour Made All the Difference covers Dr. Weaver's traveling experiences:

As most places are, it was difficult to envision Rio at all before visiting, and had we not taken a private tour on our second day there, we certainly would not come to "know" the city in the way we did. Sure, you see photos and hear stories, but the picture remains incomplete (seriously flawed!).

Richard (Dick) will continue to point out locations he encountered on his tour in the second essay on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil next week. There was so much to see and learn it’s impossible to capture it all in a single essay.

And Then Some Publishing on YouTube

I will be transferring our pertinent videos from my old YouTube channel to our new ATSPpublishing channel on YouTube. And more exciting... our first uploaded video is all new!

99 year old Edgar E. Willis discusses his new mystery, Moss on the Ivory Tower. This book pulls aside the curtains that normally shield the halls of academe and reveals a world occupied by fascinating and vividly portrayed characters who are impelled by the same passions, aspirations, and ideals that motivate all of humankind.

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