Tuesday, February 26, 2013

And Then Some News

by Anthony Weaver

The second Thursday essay finishes Dr. Richard L. Weaver II's exotic destination on a private tour in Rio de Janerio. Exotic Destinations... And Then Some!: Stories of adventures from around the world traces many of the traveling experiences of Richard L. Weaver II.  Enjoy reading more about his travels... And Then Some!

An excerpt of Thursday's essay, Rio de Janeiro II: A Private Tour Made All the Difference:

We stopped at a Chinese pagoda for one more overview of Rio on our way out of the national park. Carla and I exchanged business cards, and we departed at the Sheraton Hotel at 2:35 p.m. To have well-educated, intelligent, knowledgeable tour guides who speak excellent English, and who are passionate about their city or country, make the choice of taking a private tour a no-brainer.

Richard (Dick) will continue to point out locations he encountered on his tour in this second essay on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Thursday. 

And Then Some Publishing on YouTube

I've uploaded a new video to the And Then Some Publishing YouTube channel. The new video is called, How to Write - Expert Opinion by Dr. Edgar E. Willis. At 99 years-old he describes his distinguished career in writing books and textbooks, articles, and speeches. Plus, as an added benefit Dr. Willis talks about how he wrote and plenty of advice for new writers.

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