Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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We're cruising this summer! No... we're not taking it easy. This summer we are telling the tales of the "Cruising Experience" via essays by author Richard L. Weaver II, PhD. Get lost in his first-hand experience... This summer it's time to "cruise"...


Thursday’s essay is the first in a ten-part series about our Mediterranean cruise. The first essay is entitled, “Cruising is incredibly self-indulgent,” and it serves as an introduction to the series. The series will cover cruise stops in Barcelona, the French Riviera, Florence, Rome, Naples, Athens, Istanbul, Santorini and Mikanos (Greece), as well as Venice. The essays will offer a little history, our experiences on the excursions, as well as additional insights and observations.

Share your link. Have you written anything on cruising? Are you a “cruise type”? Do you know someone who is? Can you share some insights about any of your own cruise experiences with readers? What would you like to tell people who want to take their first cruise? Any personal information you would like to share with them? Share your link with us. We’ll post it and move traffic in your direction. And, a big “thank you,” in advance, from AndThenSomeWorks.com, for sharing your link.

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Thursday's And Then Some Essay preview

Cruising is incredibly self-indulgent
by Richard L. Weaver II


Incidentally, and as an aside here, my wife and I have become “cruise types.” No, we have not taken up drinking, gambling, or smoking, but we have enjoyed the cruise experience for getting us to places we would not otherwise see, for providing us good food in abundance (and always available), for being waited on hand and foot, and in having excellent (but expensive) guided tours that are interesting and educational. For example, our excursion from Villefrance to Nice and Eze on the French Riviera had a well-educated guide who revealed a wonderful sense of humor, offered great historical information, and provided insightful personal observations. He began guiding tours in 1973 (34 years ago) when he was picked to be a guide as a teenager who worked on repairing the coaches. He spoke 5 languages (German, Italian, Spanish, French, and English), never completed his education, owns and works on a small farm he inherited from his father, and has one daughter.

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