Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And Then Some News

And Then Some Publishing, LLC has opened a new store for T-Shirts, mugs, and more. From our library of projects, we are adding products every few days. Currently, we have And Then Some Gear, Butterfly Graphic, You Rules, and then some!

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We have released the first printing of the SMOERs book. As much as we love everything about this first printing, changes are afoot. We are making a number of small alterations to the cover and interior.

What does this mean? The current printing of our book is a collectors item and will not be available long. As soon as we sell just 10 books through Amazon.com the changes to SMOERs will be uploaded and the current version will no longer be available. That will make it a very special and treasured prize. Get your collectors' copy of the SMOERs book now before it's too late...

We have sold 3 books... the time is now!

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Thursday’s essay is the second in a ten-part series about our Mediterranean cruise. The first essay was entitled, “Cruising is incredibly self-indulgent,” and it served as an introduction to the series. The second essay is called, “Barcelona and the French Riviera (Nice and Eze): Minds Stretched in New Directions.” The series will cover additional cruise stops in Florence, Rome, Naples, Athens, Istanbul, Santorini and Mikanos (Greece), as well as Venice. The essays will offer a little history, our experiences on the excursions, as well as additional insights and observations.

Share your link. Have you written anything on Mediterranean cruising? Have you visited Barcelona or the French Riviera? Do you know someone who has? Can you share some insights about any of your own touring or excursion experiences with readers? What would you like to tell people who want to cruise the Mediterranean? Any personal information you would like to share with them? Share your link with us. We’ll post it and move traffic in your direction. And, a big “thank you,” in advance, from AndThenSomeWorks.com, for sharing your link.

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Thursday's And Then Some Essay preview
Barcelona and the French Riviera (Nice and Eze): Minds stretched in new directions
by Richard L. Weaver II


We were but four days through a 14-day cruise, and we discovered that just like the river cruise we took of the Danube, Main, and Rhine Rivers of Europe, the information — like that we discovered about Eze — overwhelms the senses, the experiences have no (or little) reference to what we have known and understood previously, and the boundaries of our minds continue to edge ever outward with the full understanding that minds stretched in new directions never return to their original dimension.

And Then Some Works - see you Thursday!!

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