Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And Then Some News

And Then Some News

Today's news is just a quick preview of things to come...   We'll see you next week.

Thursday's And Then Some Essay preview:

Thursday’s essay is called, "There is no way to capture the effect teachers can have on you." Although this is not an essay designed to offer a rebuttal to home schooling, a comment by my granddaughter about her desire to be home schooled prompted the essay, and in the essay I talk about some of my outstanding teachers.  I end the essay saying: "These are some of the teachers I had before I arrived at college.  I know my parents could have home schooled me if they had chosen to because both were teachers, but I would never trade the knowledge, background, and preparation of even these few teachers for what might have been a home-schooling experience.  It was from these teachers that my inspiration for learning began."

There is no way to capture the effect teachers can have on you

by Richard L. Weaver II


As individuals, teachers did not make impressions on me until I was in junior high school.  They were all good, it seemed to me, and all of them taught me, motivated me, and inspired me.  I can’t think of a single negative experience I had with teachers during the entire course of my educational career.  Perhaps it was luck, but I think teachers like good students, and I was definitely a good student.  It wasn’t because I wanted to be “good”; it was because I loved to learn.  Everything just seemed so new, intriguing, and fascinating.  I was captivated.

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