Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Edgar E. Willis website changes and Romatic Notions

And Then Some Publishing News

And Then Publishing hopes everyone had a safe and happy Labor Day. 

This week we expect to see the new prototype for EdgarEWillis.com. We are very excited to be working with Kinetica Media to help redesign the website. Their professionalism and knowledge has been instrumental in our growth. We expect amazing, and we know we won't be disappointed. 

This coming weekend Anthony Weaver is shooting a new set of videos. Are subject is toilet paper tubes and turning them into fun craft projects. The projects are a car, a spider attacking a city, and a peacock. The projects were picked by McKenzie, Lindsay, and Austen who are Anthony's nephew and neice's. We expect to release the videos a few weeks after they have been shot.

Thursday's And Then Some Essay preview:

Thursday’s essay is called, "Romantic notions help us maintain balance—a stable, steady footing—in our lives."  Romantic notions are pleasant, comforting, and adequately soothe our idyllic, picturesque, fairy-tale side.  They offer, too, more than just a reason for living; they are, indeed, a placid, warm, snug, and cozy place where our thoughts can reside in a calm and peaceful manner without agitation, distress, or upset.  We need romantic notions to maintain a balance—a stable, steady footing—in our lives---and, thus, they are worth discussing.

Romantic notions help us maintain balance--a stable, steady footing--in our lives

by Richard L. Weaver II


When we were in Australia for 6 months, our choices were limited, but we discovered that it doesn’t take long to become accustomed to it.  When we returned home, we even discussed the possibility of limiting what we needed to live comfortably, but it isn’t long until the supply catches up with what you want—not what you need, but what you want.  Soon, once again, you begin to appreciate all that you have and all the choices you have in order to have more!

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