Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And Then Some News

Thursday's Essay Preview

The first paragraph of Thursday's essay, "The Importance of Great Expectations, " reads as follows:

Throughout my life, I have always expected good things to happen.  It could be a result of my family, education, or many experiences, but I think it may be something else.  From a very early age — as far back as I can remember — I always did well in school.  For all the home work and preparation I did for my classes, I was continually rewarded positively.  This buoyed my confidence, of course, but also, it propelled me to continue in the same direction.  Positive results provide a template for continued similar performance.  
Thursday's Essay Excerpt - from the last paragraph of the essay

Positive results provide a template for continued similar performance.”  I truly believe that success in school, for me, is what allowed or prompted, if you will, the production of (or adoption of the worldview)  great expectations.  And it is those great expectations that have, on a continuing basis, resulted in the great successes I have experienced.

And Then Some News

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