Tuesday, January 15, 2013

And Then Some News

Thursday Essay Preview

These are the first two paragraphs of Thursday's essay, "The Best Predictor for Living a Long, Healthy Life."

It’s not a matter of dwelling on death, nor is it a quest for the "magic potion" that leads to eternal life, it is, instead, a realistic examination of the facts: what are the factors most likely to guarantee a long and healthy life? Yes, it is a search for a guarantee.

The search is over! And even though it cannot be considered a "magic potion" simply because it is not an instant remedy, it is something that can be encouraged or nurtured if begun early. Not surprisingly, the "remedy" is usually all in place and being used (or not used) by the time any concern over death or the quest for a "magic potion" takes place.

And this is the final paragraph of Thursday's essay:

It may be that the best predictor for living a long and healthy life was really known all along and comes as no surprise. On-the-other-hand, it appears that the ingredients for living a long and healthy life are fairly precise and specific, and if that is your goal, you know what to do.

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