Tuesday, December 4, 2012

And Then Some News

Thursday's Essay Preview

The first paragraph of Thursday's essay, "I'm Unique,'" reads as follows:

One time it was a short article I read, another time it was a place I visited, and yet another time it was music I was listening to.  The inspiration for my essays comes from so many different directions, and, in many cases, I’m not always certain exactly what or from where it originated.  That’s the nature of my mind.  It’s as if I am saying, “So many ideas, so little time!”

Thursday's Essay Excerpt - from the last two paragraphs of the essay

Finally, she says, “go ahead and enjoy the thinking process.”
I love her last idea, of course.  As I said earlier in this essay, I am a thinker (and fortunately, too, a doer!).  And if this essay helps you de-construct your whole process of inspiration, perhaps, it has made a contribution.  Maybe you just need to stop and meta-observe (examine your inside activities by taking a position outside yourself!).  This, too, can be a delightful exercise — maybe even one that will prove how unique you are!

And Then Some News

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