Tuesday, March 12, 2013

And Then Some News - New Videos

by Anthony Weaver

This Thursday we take a trip to Buenos Aires. An excerpt from the upcoming essay reads, "Our tour guide (Teresa) told us an interesting story that may explain a portion of Buenos Aires' lack of "charm." She said that during the very early days of the city, the founding father (and those in power) emphasized the cattle and the grasslands of the interior—unlike Rio de Janeiro and Montevideo, cities which placed an emphasis on the beaches and built pedestrian walkways and even boulevards that highlight and emphasize the beaches and water."

There's so much more than meets the eye when it comes to Buenos Aires. Learn more in Thursday's Essay and remember, there are an additional 60 travel essays written by Dr. Richard L. Weaver II in his book Exotic Destinations... And Then Some!: Stories of adventures from around the world. It even includes a picture of him on the cover of the book!

New Videos on the way this week!

Since January 2013 I've been shooting videos with Richard L. Weaver II and Edgar E. Willis. I've been slowly releasing them as I finish editing and getting them ready for uploading to YouTube. There are a total of seven new videos and next week's video will be asking you, the viewer, a question. Exciting!

The first video that has been uploaded to ATSPpublishing YouTube channel is an introduction to Dr. Richard L. Weaver II. He talks about how he started in his writing career, his background experiences, and the books he has published. He has also updated his Google+ page so you can get to know Richard "Dick" Weaver better.

The second video is from Richard L. Weaver II YouTube channel and features an interview with Edgar E. Willis about his book, How to be Funny on Purpose. He talks about his love of humor and why he wrote his book.

Video 1: About Author Dr. Richard L. Weaver II

Video 2: How to be Funny on Purpose - Book Interview with Edgar E. Willis

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