Tuesday, March 5, 2013

And Then Some News

by Anthony Weaver

Announcing a price change for three books, How to be Funny on Purpose, And Then Some Book 1, and Public Speaking Rules

How to be Funny on Purpose: $19.95  NOW $12.95

And Then Some Book 1: $17.95  NOW $11.95

Public Speaking Rules: $17.95  NOW $12.95

We want to reintroduce you to the And Then Some philosophy: Give more, get more, want more from life! In 2006, my Dad and I started our company based on the fundamentals in these books, especially And Then Some Book 1.

The key element to How to be Funny on Purpose is a precise and practical set of instructions for turning the momentary flicker of an idea into a full-fledged and funny joke. This book breaks down why a joke is funny in timing, perception, setup, and delivery. Now just $12.95 or less at Amazon.com.

And Then Some - Book 1 is a collection of essays that lend themselves to the times when you only have a moment to spare. They are quick, positive, encouraging, fun... And Then Some! Now just $11.95 or less at Amazon.com.

Dr. Richard L. Weaver II's guide, Public Speaking Rules: All you need for a GREAT speech! gives you the confidence to give a great speech no matter your skill level. Dr. Weaver packs in the information you need to perform at your best. We have a new Kindle version coming in late Spring 2013! Public Speaking Rules at it's new price... just $12.95 or less at Amazon.com.

Thursday Essay preview: Montevideo, Uruguay: A Walk Straight from the Dock

Montevideo is one of the youngest capitals in Latin America, founded between 1724 and 1730, and it did not become the capital of Uruguay until 1828. It is the Southern-most capital of the Americas. It is often considered to be a playground for Argentineans and Brazilians on their summer holidays. About half of the population of Uruguay live in Montevideo; thus, it thrives as the center of Uruguayan culture, education, business, and tourism.

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