Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ATSP News: Thursday Essay Preview

by Anthony Weaver

I don't know anything about La Boca and Thursday's essay, Buenos Aires: Our Only Princess Excursion, but one thing immediately stands out. I can't wait to read about the soccer stadium. Below is a preview:
"La Boca, as it turns out, is a very special place. I began talking about it in the first essay, but it deserves more space. There are two things that make La Boca stand out, and we passed close to the first, in getting to the second."

"The first is the soccer stadium. "A man," Teresa said, "will give up his home, his family, and even his marriage, but he will never give up his devotion to soccer." These are dedicated, committed, zealous, even fervent soccer fans."

Read more in this week's Thursday's Essay!

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