Tuesday, March 26, 2013

And Then Some News

by Anthony Weaver

There will be penguins on Thursday! Grab your tuxedo's and follow along to the Falkland Islands.

Here's an excerpt of Thursday's essay, "Falkland Islands: Thank heavens for the penguins!":

"As I was riding the tender (the small passenger transit boat) the two miles back to the Star Princess moored at Port William Harbor the second time, the passenger sitting directly opposite me on the tender bench, said, "Thank heavens for the Falkland Islands that they have penguins!" His meaning, for anyone who has visited Stanley, would be clear: There is no reason for visiting the Falkland Islands unless you want to see penguins."

This week I'm uploading the rest of the Edgar E. Willis video series. The two-part lecture, The Anatomy of Humor, discusses both why jokes are funny and how to tell a great joke. This video, filmed on VHS tape in 1984, required substantial work to make it viewable today, but I'm sure when you see it, you will agree that it was worth the effort.

I'll also be uploading the Who Wrote the Shakespeare Plays? lecture series with his new video conclusion that discusses who Edgar thinks wrote the plays. This lecture series was recorded in the late 1980's.  The question is, is Edgar convinced by the new information he has read and researched about him, that it was Shakespeare, indeed, who is the author of the works everyone associates with him?

With these two lecture series uploaded I have concluded all the new videos with Edgar.  The only exception would be a video that would include answers to questions posed for him at the Internet address below.

Do you have a question for Edgar?  Record your questions at: AskEdgar99@gmail.com

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