Thursday, March 21, 2013

ATSP News: World War II Memoir Book Interview

by Anthony Weaver

I've rereleased the four part interview with Edgar E. Willis about his memoir of World War II, Civilian in an Ill-fitting Uniform. He discusses his life before and after the World War II, captains he served under, his family... And Then Some!

In Part 1 of the interview I ask Edgar about his inspiration for the book, the reason for the title, and why he decided to include his life before and after his service.

Part 2 discusses events had happened to Edgar that were either pure luck or just because of the circumstance of the moment including his pure luck Navy physical. As we progressed, I asked about the captains Edgar served under and his best explanation? He reads from his memoir. We finish off Part 2 with, "That's the way the navy does it!"

Part 3 of the WWII discussion continues the story of the captains Edgar E. Willis served under. The "Winding path to Peace," includes the fact bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and yet, the USS Alaska hadn't suffered it's only casualty of the war. Edgar reminds us with precision what was happening in the Pacific Theater, the timing, and the feelings of where our country was during WWII, including the difference between enlisted men and officers.

Part 4 is the conclusion of Edgar E. Willis's interview about his book "Civilian in an Ill-fitting Uniform." In his decommission Edgar faced some big decisions that would choose the path for his life. With an education, he had career choices, a wife and children, what was to happen next?... And what does he hope readers will take away from his World War II memoir?

  Part 1:  Civilian in an Ill-fitting Uniform: Edgar E. Willis  

  Part 2:  Civilian in an Ill-fitting Uniform: Edgar E. Willis  

  Part 3:  Civilian in an Ill-fitting Uniform: Edgar E. Willis  

  Part 4:  Civilian in an Ill-fitting Uniform: Edgar E. Willis  

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